Saturday, 9 July 2011

Resume Writing Tips - How to Write a Professional Resume

Writing a winning resume can be daunting. You may wonder if you have enough information to fill a page or if your experience will be impressive enough to command the attention of a potential employer. The first step to compiling a comprehensive list of your past accomplishments is to ask yourself some questions about your past career experiences and your career goals.

Begin with an examination of your reasons for needing a resume. While this may sound elementary, compelling reasons for needing a resume go beyond, "I want to get a new job."

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

5 Top Tips For An Effective Executive CV Presentation!

For the most effective Executive CV Presentation, there are 5 important elements to include for maximum impact. Your CV must gain some serious attention and immediately grab the reader. If your CV is just average, there will be plenty of others whose CVs are well above average in this competitive environment, so you need to be able to make yours shine out. Let me show you what you need to do with these 5 top tips.

1. Your Profile or Summary Statement

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Interview Question - Tell Me a Problem You Once Had on the Job and How You Solved It?

With so much competition these days in the job market, it is not easy to land a good job. Interviews are becoming tougher and tougher every day as interviewers try very hard to weed out candidates in order to select the best and the most qualified for the position.
This weed out process is done by asking candidates tough interview questions during the interview. A popular interview question often asked by almost every interviewer, which every candidate should be prepared for is;

"Tell me a problem you once had on the job and how you solved it?