Monday, 21 May 2012

Still looking for a job? Wall Street novice found chasing 5 secrets

1. Name Of Your CV:

He applied for the job, include your "resume" to send e-mail messages. Question: what is called his curriculum vitae attached? John Doe is CV? Or J Doe resume? The project combines?(this means that it is still running on your CV) Or resume 2007 (2009-is already two years to update your resume?)-look out! Suggestion: make a resume of professional only-name that the name is perfect! (ie: Jane Doe RESUME). HR, recruitment and hiring managers look this.

2. E-mail Address

Is the e-mail address of the professional? If or is perfect. But what "" or "". E-mail addresses are not allowed, and again, employers and managers are noticed.Tip: you can create an e-mail address for the Professional on the job search.

3 Apply To Old Jobs.

Just because the announcement is 30 days, does not mean that it is complete! Items that you can take from 2 weeks to 3 months to fill. So, when the task has 30 days or even more, your CV. There is a very good chance that it will be one of the few, applied that day (compared to 100 resumes, appear in the first days of the record). Also, don't forget that companies usually have "similar" position of the holes ... even if it's 30 days old, maybe the company thought of opening a new position are similar, and then "done"-your resume is displayed. And not forget local and niche sites (Craigslist/ They can be a gold mine, and many overlook a.

Suggestion: apply to old jobs may very well land you an interview and work!

Goal 4-It Does Not Write On Your Resume!

Many job seekers write objective even in the CV, many of which are members of the category: "looking for the role of an analyst: looking for counter", etc. To do this, they are in fact say that the entrepreneur, "what I want". If the employer does not need a job destination, are therefore not likely to cross that references to other functions can have-because he told them exactly what you want! Let the employer decide where it will best fit-and let them cross references to other items. For a listing job-seekers (graduated from the University and just) to write something very general level: to reach a position of financial sector; To start a career in the industry marketing-General and wide open! Tip: do not write the objective on your resume or too general.

By Faisal Latif


  1. It would be helpful if the author learned how to write in English...Such poor grammar throughout every paragraph...
    I barely could understand what he was trying to explain....what a horrible article!!!!!

  2. Agreed with above comment. I believe there were important points made, however due to the poor use of English in this article, it was very difficult to make any sense of what was being communicated!

  3. I think writer has less knowledge about English language however I understand what he want to communicate in this article.

  4. i think your english not so good imporve your english and english grammer for good result any way your articles are very nice and helping....

  5. It's not just bad grammar but bad math. The headline says "five" secrets. The article, however, lists only four.