Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Job Interviewing Skills - How to Mess Up Your Next Job Interview

A number of job seekers have a pretty good resume, however they can't seem to muster a good interview to save their lives! With fewer and fewer interview opportunities available, mastering the art of interviewing is a definite must. Learn from other people's mistakes and avoid these interview blunders: 

  • 1. Not Being Ready To Answer Their Questions Well.
If you are like most job candidates, you may get uncomfortable during a job interview. One way to boost your confidence is to be prepared. Prepare yourself by practice interviewing with someone who will give you honest feedback. As you find areas that need improvement, you can make corrections on the spot.

  • 2. Talking Negatives.
So, your last job really sucked. What ever you do, don't speak negatively about them. Negative or critical statements can be seen as a reflection on you. If you're asked about any former employer, be respectful in everything you say about them. Remember, negative comments during an interview never help. 

  • 3. Talking Way Too Much.
A lot of Interviewers don't have a lot of extra time. They are going to ask you specific questions, and they usually prefer concise answers. If you provide them a rambling response, they may think you lack professionalism. A fantastic way to get ready to answer interview questions, is to practice how you answer standard interview questions right before an interview. This will help you to conduct a much more impressive interview.

  • 4. Presenting Opposite Communications Styles.
It's essential to create an impressive first impression. A great way to do this, is by taking advantage of something called mirroring.

Here are a few examples:
  •  If the interviewer talks slow and deliberate, so should you.
  •  Match the interviewer's interests. If they have certificates and diplomas up, talk about education.
  •  Match their posture and mannerisms.
  •  Mirror their mindset and attitudes as closely as possible.

Interviewers will be attracted to people they feel comfortable with. The whole idea is to build a rapport with the interviewer.
Your great resume is just the beginning. Now you just need to perfect your interviewing skills. If you use the advice provided in this article, you can feel good about knowing that you'll be landing your next job soon.

By Mark Duin

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